Chatsworth Package Case Study

During the Summer of 2015, a couple living in a 3-bedroom house in south west London asked Harrington Grey to present our options for a home remodel. The customer decided upon on our Chatsworth package as they were looking for full colour decoration as well as feature lighting and new internal doors.

The work was planned for later that Summer and the couple booked a 2-week holiday and then a few days staying with friends while the work was due to take place. The project was scheduled to take 22 days for completion and all materials were ordered and staff ready to go once the customer had left.

The full works were completed within the 22-day schedule and the revitalised property was presented back to the customer. As ever it was privilege to work on a customer’s home and we were delighted with the final result. We recently caught up with this customer and it seems they’re still loving they’re newly remodelled home and will be for many years to come.

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