Guaranteed Time Frame

You’ve told us one of the most frustrating things about construction work to your home is the length of time it takes to complete, the multiple delays and ultimately the disruption and stress it causes to your life.

Therefore, one of our basic principles is to guarantee the time frame for any project we undertake for you. Once we’ve completed the technical survey which gives us the dimensions of your property, plumbing/electrical requirements, etc. we are able to give you a confirmed time scale for the total project through to completion.

Once you’ve made your choice from one of our 3 packages we can procure all of the materials upfront before the work begins so there will be no delays once we’ve started. Our professional team of construction staff also work as efficiently as possible, for instance while one team are plumbing in your new bathroom, others will be fitting your new kitchen whilst another is installing wall insulation in the bedrooms.

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