Fixed Cost

Another aspect of home construction you’ve told us causes you frustration are the spiralling costs, which can stretch your budget and cause havoc with financial planning.

Well we want to rid you of that financial headache, with Harrington Grey the full costs of the complete works will be provided to you upfront before we schedule the project. This will not change so you can rest assured the price given is the price you will pay.

We can do this by providing a dynamic set of packages to meet your needs, once we’ve completed the initial survey and you’ve chosen the package most suitable for you we can give you a detailed breakdown of the costs which you can align with your budget.

If following the technical survey, you decide you would like to add any additional works, as before an exact cost will be presented for you and this will not change. We aim to provide real value for money through our projects, a full home remodel can add considerable value to your property as well the cost savings detailed in our energy efficiency page.

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