How are you able to complete a full home remodel in just 3-4 weeks when most other builders are quoting 3 months or more?

We achieve this by detailed planning, procurement and concentration of our highly skilled staff, once we have agreed a start date our multi-competent team are allocated specifically to your project alone. We will programme the works to achieve maximum efficiency with numerous operations carried out simultaneously. For example tradesmen will be fitting your new kitchen whilst operatives are working on your new bathroom and another team is installing internal wall insulation to the bedrooms. Think of the TV programme DIY SOS, by working in this concurrent and fluid way we can reduce project times to much less than that of our competitors. Furthermore, following the detailed technical survey all the products required to complete your build are procured via our supply partners and delivered to our secure warehouse where they are brought together in what we call palletised plots, this means everything is ready to go for when the works are due to commence at your home.

What effect will the works have on me and my day to day living?

The works involve the complete strip out and refurbishment of your entire home and as such we need to ensure it is free of all your belongings, fixtures and fittings. We have in place a pre-arranged removals and storage service which is fully insured and secure giving you peace of mind that your belongings are being looked after during the works. You may wish to take the opportunity to have a holiday or possibly make arrangements to stay with family of friends. The whole process has been designed to minimise disruption and make your life as comfortable as possible, what better way to have your home refurbed whilst you are relaxing on holiday to return to the home of your dreams.

How much does it cost?

The final price will be confirmed once we have carried out our initial survey as all properties will require different solutions, we have produced a standard model based on a 2 bedroom flat with our Burghley package the cost of the full home remodel is £33,500 + VAT, there are no further charges and the price is fixed.

What are the financial arrangements for a project?

The process is simple and aligned to the efficiency of the project, once you have decided to proceed and signed the project agreement we take a £1,000 holding deposit, this is to secure your place in our work stream and in order that we can make arrangements for our technical staff to attend your property and gather detailed information for the design and structural assessment of your home. This agreement is subject to a 14-day cooling off period and is fully refundable should you change your mind for any reason. The technical survey will require your attendance to agree details of the kitchen design and any other specific details within your home. Once we have put together the final designs we will procure all the necessary materials and plan your works in detail and readiness for construction and we will require your first payment at this stage (which is normally around half of the overall installation cost). The outstanding fees will be due 2 weeks prior to the commencement date and for your peace of mind and financial security this final payment is paid into and held in an ESCROW account, the funds are held independently and can only be transferred to ourselves once the works have been signed off as satisfactory by an independent chartered building surveyor. This gives you the confidence you’re only paying for the highest standards of work that we promised.

What effect does this have for my neighbours whilst the works are ongoing?

We will write to all the adjoining properties and explain the project details, including start and completion dates. We will provide contact details in order that they can speak to us if they have any specific concerns, our full time supervisor will be on site throughout the project to deal with any issues that may arise. We will assess the appropriate access arrangements as part of our project planning process with the aim of minimising disruption. Material deliveries will be managed to avoid busy times of the day and all waste will be taken away from site on a daily basis (no skips will be sited during the project). The advantage of working efficiently minimises the effect on your neighbours as in any case we are only on site for a short period of time.

Can you please explain the process from booking a job to completion?

During our initial contact we will discuss your needs and then book an appointment for a home visit, on a date and time which suits yourself. During our visit we will explain the process and run through the package options we provide (samples of products will also be available), we will then carry out the initial survey of your property (this takes around 20 minutes), this information will be formulated onto our pricing modules and we will give you a fixed price for the works at this stage. Should you wish to proceed we will take the initial holding deposit and make arrangements for the detailed technical survey. The technical survey will include a fully detailed kitchen design, EPC (energy performance certificate), structural assessment and property plan. The information is then assessed in detail at our office and the plans made for the works to proceed on site, we will confirm our earliest possible start date which can of course be arranged to suit your preferred dates. All the materials will be ordered and stored within our secure warehouse in readiness for the works to commence. Once we have agreed the formal start date this will be booked into our work streams and a team will be assigned to the project. You will need to make arrangements with the removal company at least 4 weeks prior to the commencement date and we can assist in this process if you wish. The works will proceed with immediate effect once you have vacated your home, we will then contact you a day or so prior to the completion to confirm your home is ready. The independent chartered building surveyor will visit on our last day to check all the works have been completed to the correct standards and sign-off the works.

What guarantees are included?

The works are covered by a standard JCT form of contract and this includes a 12 months’ defects period which covers the general workmanship, however all of the installed products have full manufacturers warranties some of which are up to 25 years or lifetime warranties (a full list of each warranties will be supplied with the handover pack).

What are the benefits of the insulation?

The internal wall insulation system that we use is fully compliant with the governments Green Deal requirements and may be subject to available funding, this could be several hundred pounds or significantly more depending on the specifics of your home. Within some London boroughs up to 75% of properties have solid wall construction, this means that if they are not insulated up to 45% of the heat generated is escaping into the atmosphere, damaging the environment and costing you money. SWI (solid wall insulation) will address this problem and is the most cost effective process for reducing heat loss. The insulation will eradicate damp problems (subject to maintaining good ventilation) and provides a healthy environment for you and the occupants. The insulation also has noise reducing benefits by its very nature.

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